Jail is too good for net perverts

Convicted - Lee Davis.
Convicted - Lee Davis.
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I WILL often use friends and family as a sounding board ahead of publishing my views and opinions.

I do it because I’m not conceited enough to even begin to think that because I sit in the Editor’s chair, I’m the only one that can ever be right. I value the opinions of the people I know and care about – in fact, I value most people’s views.

Convicted - Anthony Marsh.

Convicted - Anthony Marsh.

What I hope to achieve by this is my own viewpoint being as informed and balanced as it can be.

The heinous crimes of Lee Davies and Anthony Marsh (see page 5) are such that my first reaction was to ferociously demand the reinstatement of capital punishment.

Unless I’ve become more rabid as middle age looms, I can think of no punishment appropriate for these two predatory paedophiles.

But during the course of sounding-out others, I came to realise this column ought to be more about the victims, and indeed other young people out there whose lives people like Davies and Marsh wouldn’t think twice about destroying.

You see the thing is; young lads aren’t the ones that get singled out for sexual abuse, are they? You just don’t hear about it, do you?

Wrong: all kids are vulnerable. That’s why I’m urging parents and children to talk about what young people get up to in that other world that is the digital space.

I for one do not want to curtail the curiosity and freedom of young people as they explore themselves and indeed the world.

But if parents taking an active interest in what that exploration entails – as well as taking appropriate precautions with internet security – means evil fiends like these two cannot get their claws into us, it can’t be a bad thing.

by James Mitchinson

Editor, The Star