Jack should get his facts right about school places

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As a resident in Deepcar, I read with interest, in a local pre election leaflet from the UKIP candidate Jack Clarkson, reference to school places for local children.

It talked about more pressure placed on local schools and places for our local children. He said that parents don’t want or need worry of their kids travelling long distances to other schools outside our catchment area.

As an example, can I comment that as I understand it, Oughtibridge Primary School has recently expanded to accommodate 15 additional pupils, thanks to intervention from local Labour Councillor Phil Wood.

Although the children had been offered places at nearby primary schools, and because of the travelling time to these schools, particularly for parents reliant on public transport, the places were considered unsuitable for children in the Oughtibridge area, with some involving two buses and a tram to reach the schools.

Due to an increase in the birth rate, the City Council took the decision to expand the school in consultation with the board of governors in order to allow local children to be educated close to home now, and in the future. The expansion will be permanent.

Councillor Wood worked with the school, parents and the Cabinet Member for Children and Young People to identify options to help ease the pressure on school places, and this represents the best possible solution for local families, who are pleased with the outcome.

Unnecessary scare mongering in our lovely valley is unbecoming of a local politician.

Jack should get his facts right first.

A Law

Deepcar Resident, Sheffield