It would be a joy to see Ched scoring goals again

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I read with interest the article in The Star, March 25, by Martin Smith over the future of Ched Evans.

I believe that after serving his sentence in prison, if he is fit enough, he should try and get back into football.

Many fans may hold what happened against Ched, but what a joy it would be to see him scoring again for United. This would in some way pay back for missing out on promotion two years ago, when Wednesday were lucky enough to gain this.

If Ched could have seen the season out they would certainly not had such a good run-in.

Like you say, most clubs would give their right arm for a goalscorer, but I only hope Sheffield United throw their hat in the ring when Ched is allowed to resume his playing career.

He will get some stick from certain quarters, but he will get round this by letting his boots do the talking and after a few goals, minds and memories will soon change.

It’s a good striker that United need, and I’m sure that Nigel would soon lick Ched into shape. So let’s give the lad a chance.

Bob Swain

Longley Hall Road, S5

I would be pleased to see Ched Evans back at Bramall Lane too. He’s done his term, or will have, so let him get on with his life.