It will be more of the same for working people of Britain

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I wonder if Labour Party members and supporters are enervated by Ed Milliband’s latest attempts to win over disenchanted voters with the General Election just six months away.

It’s just interesting that because of certain elements in the media giving maximum publicity to the negative aspects of his apparent flawed personality, Milliband is even more determined to ignore all these personal attacks.

He even takes the blows on behalf of the public who are adamant that they need a Labour government to undo all the damage that the ‘nasty’ Tories have inflicted upon our society.

It is also interesting to note that the Labour Party assume that we are all suffering form a collective amnesia and have forgotten all the damage that this same Labour Party has inflicted upon society during their 13 sorry years in office.

Because of this the names of Tony Blair and Gordon Brown are treated with contempt throughout society by people.

We cannot and will not trust a group of people comprised of Blairites and Brownites who are desperate to run capitalism on behalf of the rich and powerful.

How dare they call themselves Democratic Socialists.

The Blue Labour trend is rather interesting.

It talks of family and friendship being at the heart of society, rather than the pursuit of material wealth.

It also offers a strong critique of the free market as well as the big state and it also speaks of ‘predatory and productive’ capitalism.

The fact is that whoever takes over the reins of Government in 2015 it will be more of the same for the working people of Britain who always seem to bear the brunt of every crisis but never reap the benefits when the economy recovers.

David Rowley (Snr)

High Green