It seems to me as if the director doesn’t care

city centre buses
city centre buses
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Having recently listened to a phone-in on BBC Radio Sheffield in which people were complaining about the recent changes to our buses, I have to say that I share their anger and frustration.

Most of those who managed to speak on the programme and those texting told the same story.

They were late for work and for doctor, dentist and hospital appointments.

Parents also rang in to say their children were delayed getting to school.

David Young, the director of customer experience at the South Yorkshire Passenger Transport Executive, took part in the debate and his attitude came over to me that he couldn’t care less.

He claimed that during the first two weeks of changes people will have to find their feet and he was more interested in making a noise about the good- value new ticket prices that they have introduced.

I wonder how long that will last?

As a matter of interest, a friend of mine arrived late at his workplace on day one.

He has subsequently lost his £100 timekeeping bonus along with a pay reduction as a result of his early morning bus running 25 minutes late.

I wonder if David Young would be happy to reimburse him out of his fat cat salary?

The radio presenter told listeners that he has never before on any subject had such a volume of people wanting to take part in a discussion and gave his apologies to those who were unable to take part.

Sheffield Bus Partnership should be proud of themselves.

They have left us with a new network that only a few people are happy with and have created along the way chaos, confusion and inconvenience.

What happened to the plan that was supposed to meet the needs of people living in, working in and visiting the city?

John Yale

High Green