It’s Your Child: Sheffield teachers and parents back our safety campaign

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News: Local, national and international news 24-hours a day.
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THE Star’s mission to improve child safety outside schools across South Yorkshire is gathering momentum.

Letters, phone calls and emails from readers backing the It’s Your Child campaign are continuing to flood in.

Teachers and parents are throwing the weight behind our campaign to encourage careless motorists putting pupils at risk by parking illegally to behave more responsibly.

Mo Wilson, an administrative officer at Lound Junior School, Loundside, Sheffield, said: “Parking around the school site is restricted to residential roads, which frequently causes problems due to inconsiderate and unsafe parking.

“Parents and carers are frequently reminded to park safely, considerately and legally by the head, via the monthly newsletter, plus PCSOs make regular visits before school and at home time all to no avail.”

Mother Amanda Kennedy, whose daughter attends Bankwood Community Primary in Gleadless, Sheffield, said: “Thankfully I haven’t known of children being hurt in the chaos of the school run, but I have seen cars hit each other on the narrow winding road which leads down to the school and see cars mounting the pavement right outside the school where children are walking on a daily basis.

“I am a driver myself. We live in Bankwood’s catchment area, but are still 30 minutes walk away. So yes, if the weather is bad I drop my daughter off, but unlike 90 per cent of the other parents I park two or three streets away, far from the children leaving school.”

Rhia Smith said: “My daughter goes to Brunswick Primary School in Woodhouse, Sheffield.

“The parking is shocking they park on kerbs where ever they feel like and have to walk on the road to get round them they park on corners so cars cant see round them and even just stop in middle of road and drop kids off then carry on.

“I think something needs to be done before a child gets hurt or killed.”

Residents living near to problem schools have also voiced their outrage over the issue.

Alyn Maillard, 56, of Thornbridge Close, Birley said: “Birley Primary School is terrible. Cars park on double yellow lines, grass verges, everywhere. One of these days a kid is going to walk out between them and get hit.

“I live in a cul-de-sac and parents use it to park. I am self-employed and some days I can’t get off the estate to work because of the traffic.”