It’s starting to happen in Lower Don Valley

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The Don Valley Stadium has been demolished. A New Oasis Academy opens in September to kickstart the Olympic Legacy Park. This is the catalyst that members of the Attercliffe Regeneration group have been waiting for but there is a lot of work to be done.

The web site goes into detail about the involvement of new stakeholders Sheffield Hallam University and its partners, The School and the new UTC.

The infrastructure is there, with excellent tram, bus, car and cycle routes.

With the city centre two miles one way and Meadowhall and the M1 two miles the other way, the logistics are perfect to create an urban destination. The land is flat; there is a canal and a river.

Major sporting and commercial facilities are within a short distance from the OLP. Businesses are easily accesible and the train and bus station are minutes away. Bring in the residents and you have something special

The potential to house key workers in affordable units is enormous. Canal side living in apartments, town houses and condominium units are all doable.

The Attercliffe centre is an existing shopping and commercial hub that simply needs some TLC and careful planning. An HGV restriction, stopping for shopping and a pedestrian walkway and cycle route should be considered. Redevelopment is a must, with some demolition making way for a small precinct in Attercliffe centre is a viable proposition. The Spartan works site, over 23 acres is ready for development and with the influx of school children, students and workers the developers have a great opportunity to sell homes very quickly.

The area has had a chequered history and a bad press for many, many years but a total transformation is on the cards and the OLP is a game changer. SCC have had presentations from professors from Freiburg and experts from Pennsylvania and I have sat and listened to these people who tell the audience that Sheffield needs to build on its tram routes and waterways and regenerate the old business districts and inner cities. Well here is the opportunity sat there waiting.

There is no excuse and no reason to be shy of doing it and creating possibly the best mixed use inner city district in the country.

David Slater

Spaces Sheffield