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I return to a subject that I have broached several times in your paper in recent years - namely Yorkshire Cricket Club’s absence in Sheffield.

In recent weeks there has been at least two mentions of the links between the game and Sheffield. In the Sports Retro there was an article about two of our most important national figures - Michael Vaughan and Joe Root - and just last Saturday, in his editorial, James Mitchinson talks about the historic links between Sheffield and Yorkshire County Cricket Club.

How sad therefore to see the county cricket club completely abandoned any links with the city of its birth and now play solely at Headingley, thus becoming Leeds City Cricket Club.

I have a keen interest in cricket and listen avidly to Test Match Special but unfortunately do not now have the slightest interest in Yorkshire Cricket. I couldn’t even tell you what league they play in. Other counties play at several centres - Derbyshire play several matches at Queen’s Park, Chesterfield - so why can’t Sheffield be given a match or two? Abbeydale is a great venue and I have seen some fantastic county cricket played there - sadly many years ago now.

There are enough one-day matches, so come on Yorkshire - let’s have some county cricket played in Sheffield, the birthplace of Yorkshire County Cricket Club.

John Scholey

Clifford Road, S11