It’s important to remember and show respect for dead

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Thank goodness we are not all like Paul Kenny who seems to disregard anything from Sheffield’s historical past including ancient buildings and war memorials.

In response to a recent letter from Valerie Bayliss, who would like to see the Crimean War Memorial returned to its original site at the Moorhead, he expresses doubts that there are many people “nostalgic for its return” and asks “Why would Sheffielders want to commemorate a war from the 1850s?”

I am sorry to disappoint Mr Kenny but I would very much like to see this monument reinstated and “No” I am not a member of the Victorian Society who he believes are the only ones who wish to see it returned to the Moorhead.

Apart from the fact that most of the city centre’s monuments have been removed over the years the Crimean War Memorial would be a great improvement on anything that stands there now and what Paul Kenny seems to overlook is that it is important to remember and show respect for all those who made the ultimate sacrifice in war, whether in the 1800s or in more recent times.

It is an insult to the dead of the Crimean War that this memorial now stands forgotten in storage somewhere and an utter disgrace that its column was dismantled and lies in pieces along a footpath in Upperthorpe.

Susan Richardson

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