It’s hardly surprising there’s a housing shortage in Sheffield

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The headlines in The Star(March 10) centred on the Council (Coun Harpham) bemoaning the lack of Council housing in Sheffield and blaming the Tory “Right to Buy” legislation for the shortage.

This may be partly true, but when I got married in 1966 we had to wait over three years before we got a council house, so a long waiting list is nothing new.

I chose to buy my council house when the opportunity to do so arose. I was vehemently opposed to this policy, but the Labour party’s announcement, prior to the mid 1980s General Election, that they would continue the scheme if they won the election changed my opinion.

I decided that if the party supposedly for the working classes was prepared to sell off council assets, there wasn’t much point me standing on my principles in a house where I couldn’t get the council to carry out even the smallest repair or improvement.

It was quite frankly a bit of a dump and we have spent a fortune on our house since we bought it just to bring it up to a level in which it is fit to live in. So Labour were as happy to sell off council houses as were the Tories, at that time so it’s a bit late to change tack now.

Noticeably, the matter of immigration was not addressed by Coun Harpham in your article. He forgot to mention that without a mandate from the people, the Labour Council declared Sheffield “The City of Sanctuary”, while the last Labour Government now openly admit they had an open door policy on immigration.

A recent report on the BBC said Sheffield has more than 50, 000 immigrants living here, so it’s hardly surprising that there is a general shortage of housing.

Coun Harpham’s problems are just going to keep on growing and growing. Housing, hospitals, doctors,dentists, you name it there will be a shortage. .