It’s easy to see who are the true racists in our society

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I was brought up to believe that the Labour Party was for the working class. I realised, quite soon after the birth of New Labour, that this Tony Blair creation was anything but.

I read a letter recently, in the Star, in which a member of the Labour Party asked how it was possible to keep secret the horrendous abuse and rapes in Rotherham (and in many other places).

He stated that the police and the various committees, senior managers and former executives should be investigated and held accountable for their blatant cover-up.

I agree with this but find it amazing that he proposes that the investigation be held by the national Labour Party who have for years endorsed a policy that, in my opinion, suppresses other points of view and leads to fear of one being branded a racist or even sacked for speaking out and which led the perpetrators to believe they were above the law.

He also asked why the truth had been kept from Rotherham parents. Well, doesn’t he know that some parents actually did complain to the authorities and were vilified and even arrested, for their pains?

This is the same Labour Council that stopped an adoption on the grounds that being a member of UKIP makes one racist.

He then goes on to use more of the same brainwashing language that encouraged the fear.

To quote his last paragraph “The national Labour Party must commission an inquiry as we cannot allow UKIP and the EDL to fill the vacuum, prosper and peddle their racist bigotry and politics of division.”

While we have a Orwellian Government and a national media that encourages ‘positive’ discrimination and demonises anyone, even wrongly, accused of uttering racist remarks, while allowing the criminal actions of some members of minority groups to go unnoticed, it’s easy to see who are the true racists .

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