It’s all Fright on the night

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THE costumes were brilliant, the make-up incredible and the event a stunning success.

Fright Night proved once again why it is the biggest Halloween carnival in England and why people keep coming back for more.

Officials say 40,000 people joined the fun so today we pay tribute to the army of clean-up workers who transformed the city after the ghouls had gone.

There was no trace of rubbish or debris and nobody could tell there had been a major street party.

We should not take this amazing effort for granted, it was a fantastic achievement by all concerned.

Credit too is due to the organisers for pulling together the event. Just a thought, maybe the queueing system for the fairground rides could be reviewed as there seemed to be an awful lot of hanging around.

But this is a minor matter in what is another fantastic success story for Sheffield.

Fright Night is here to stay and long may it continue to haunt us.

Bill’s incredible act of generosity

IT’S not often that someone you barely know comes up to you and thrusts £5,000 into your hand.

But this is just what happened to mad man with a pram, John Burkhill, when he was in Castle Market.

The 73-year-old has met some amazingly generous people during his drive to raise £250,000 for Macmillan cancer charity and is used to getting great support from businesses but he was left shocked and stunned by one of the biggest single donations he has received.

Widower Bill Hawcroft lost his wife Shirley to cancer six years ago and decided to donate money they used to spend on a holiday each year to support John’s fantastic quest.

The generosity of ordinary people never ceases to amaze and the £250,000 target will surely soon be reached with more donations like Bill’s.

But don’t worry if you can’t afford to dig quite so deep when you’re putting cash into John’s bucket.

Every penny counts if it helps to ease the suffering of people with cancer.

Every little helps

WHEN everything in the toy shop appears to be made in China, you wonder how we can possibly compete.

So it’s exciting to see how one innovative Sheffield company are taking the game to them - by exporting their Little Helper toys to the huge Chinese market.

Sounds huge fun. Hopefully we’re starting to turn the tide on exports.