It’s about time for a car-friendly day too

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Re the article ‘Have the Planners Gone Mad’.

I would like to join all the previous writers in condemning the changes made to Sheffield city centre roads, particularly over the last 20 years.

Like Mathew Smith, I have lived and worked in Sheffield, including the city centre, for 66 years and cannot begin to comprehend why the planners wish to make Sheffield drivers’ lives such a misery by closing and redirecting journeys to maximise the distance cars have to travel to get from any point (a) to (b).

One of the most ridiculous changes I have encountered has been the redirecting of traffic, including bus routes, travelling from Charter Square towards Furnival Gate.

The route up Cambridge Street and around Charles Street then back onto Pinstone Street to get back onto Furnival Gate opposite the point you turned off the same road makes no sense at all.

It adds a quarter of a mile onto the journey, using extra fuel, wearing out road surfaces that need repairing more frequently and, at busy times, adding 10 minutes to your journey. This all adds to the costs for the motorist and the costs for the council.

Additionally, it also creates five more crossing points with pedestrians, increasing the risks of accidents. All for what?

Could it be, as has been suggested already, that this council hates motorists, is it that we have ridiculous planners, is it a combination of both?

Or is it just that we are employing people who just do not know what they are doing?

We are about to have a ‘Ditch Cars and Cycle to Work’ day.

Why can’t we have a Sheffield Car-Friendly Day where car parking is made free and all roads, including one of the main arteries to Sheffield, The Wicker, are made accessible to Sheffielders and visitors?

I have been driving into and through Sheffield for 48 years and have never known journeys to be so bad.

Hopefully, with the intended reduction of the bus service, this will result in the opening up of the Sheffield road system again to other motorists and give us back the routes that have been taken away.

Oh, and for anyone who tells me there was a consultation regarding the road redirection at Furnival Gate, like most people in Sheffield, I knew nothing about it until The Star headlines appeared.

Dennis Pinder

by email