It’s a marathon trying to set record straight

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I applaud The Star for not doing what many journalists did in lambasting health and safety for the cancellation of the Sheffield Half Marathon.

It was unnecessary to blame health and safety for the decision to cancel the event at the last minute. This decision was made because not enough drinking water could be given to participants to meet the requirements set by athletics’ governing body. It was not about complying with health and safety regulations.

It can feel like running a marathon trying to set the record straight on health and safety, but it is important to do so because ill-informed coverage obscures the important work being done.

HSE encourages people to challenge decisions wrongly made in the name of health and safety. We have a panel of experts that can rule on whether it’s true or an excuse to hide the real reason – more information is available at[1]

John Rowe

Head of Operations for Yorkshire & North East