It is cruel to wear fur

IT appears Rachael Clegg (Dec 31) is ill-informed as to the facts regarding the barbaric cruelty involved in the fur trade and criticises 'Britain's obsession with animals'.

She thinks that since fur farms were banned here in 2000 most fur garments available are vintage. Unfortunately, this is not so, as large numbers of fur products are imported from other countries and in China alone around two million cats and dogs are killed each year for a variety of fur products.

Far from being a 'quick killing' all animals butchered to make fur coats suffer a long and agonising death, with most being skinned alive to satisfy the vanity of vacuous, fashion-obsessed women who mistakenly believe they look good in fur.

Ms Clegg highlights the horrendous conditions under which children and adults are exploited in Third World clothing industries and seems to think this makes the ethical debate on fur less important. Well, I don't consider it a 'hysterical reaction' to want to see all animal cruelty brought to an end.

It is totally unacceptable and unnecessary to be wearing fur in the 21st century when there are perfectly adequate substitutes available.

In one of the coldest winters on record, I have managed to keep warm without wrapping myself in fur. I also have the satisfaction of knowing no animal suffered just to make me 'look good'.

Rachael Clegg (and the Queen and the Duchess of Cornwall who wore fur hats on Christmas Day) should view the sickening footage collected by PETA and other animal welfare organisations of the suffering animals endure instead of endorsing such an obscene industry.

Susan I Richardson, S10

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