Is this the attitude we should expect?

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I watched our UKIP MEP Godfrey Bloom acting like a spoilt brat on national TV. When asked to account for his own words, he spat out his dummy and refused to talk.

Unfortunately for Godfrey, he did not choose to shut up until after he said something even more damming than referring to Africa as ‘bongo-bongo land’. Godfrey claimed that anyone taking offence at what he said was playing politics, “…it’s a game, it’s a game.” Is this the attitude we expect from someone who is elected to represent the people of Yorkshire and The Humber? NO.

If he offends you, never mind, “it’s a game”.

If he fails to turn up to work, well it does not matter, ‘it’s a game’. Failing to stand up for the interests of Yorkshire and The Humber – it is all just a game. UKIP and Godfrey Bloom are playing games with our future.

Mark Jones