Is this Karma?

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In 2010, the Lib Dems (and former Liberals) after decades of praying to hold the balance of power at Westminster, found it had come to pass.

Their desire was to be able to force the introduction of Proportional Representation. Their arguments – so often aired – were for ‘fairness in the electoral system’. How strange, when they could have demanded that plus a king’s ransom or better – and got it – they settled for a referendum on the absurd AV+ system.

The Lib Dems have been pilloried for their sellouts to the Tories on education but few seemingly spotted the wicked self-interest in this policy shift.

So, why did it happen? – They were simply terrified that UKIP would gain a fair share of the vote as (perhaps ironically) they manage to do in EU Elections.

Well that decision has bitten back. Hoist with their own petard!

Les Arnott

Athelstan Road, Sheffield, S13