Is this just sour grapes from Molly?

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What gives Molly Lynch the right be so judgemental about pregnant women?

She says that pregnancy is self-inflicted. If she revises her biology she will find that it takes two to tango, so how can a woman inflict pregnancy on herself?

She describes them as ‘bump bullies’ who expect to be treated like divine beings, and unless the bump’s little brain is carrying a cure for cancer it is not the gift to the world that you believe it to be. It is not the Messiah, probably just a very naughty boy. How can a woman be so anti-feminist as to write such drivel? She objects to giving up her seat on public transport to a pregnant woman, unless she is specifically asked to do so. What happened to old-fashioned manners and respect? Has she ever been pregnant? I detect a taste of sour grapes here!

Mrs. Marjorie Neal

Fairbarn Road, S6 5PP