Is there anyone out there with the same problem?

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Like most hardworking families we are always looking at ways of saving a little money to make everyday life a little easier.

After many years as loyal British Telecom customers we decided to look at a cheaper supplier for our landline and broadband.

On Monday, April 15, we switched to Sky. On the same day our landline went dead. Anyone trying to call the number was diverted to a Sky message service and we could not make any outgoing calls.

We have contacted Sky through mobile calls (priced at 20p per minute) and emails. After five days of contact with them and not receiving any help or advice we were finally told that it was a major fault on our telephone exchange and that 73 customers had been affected and the fault was with British Telecom. Sky also informed us that there was no date for this problem to be solved.

We managed to contact British Telecom by email and they now tell us that they cannot offer us any information because they are no longer our service provider.

I live in the Sheffield 8 area and my telephone landline number begins with 274.

I have asked around friends and neighbours and no-one appears to be having any problem with their landline.

We have now been a week without a landline service and are no nearer resolving the problem.

Is there anyone having the same problem?


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