Is the NHS safe in Labour’s hands?

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The National Health Service has become a defining issue in the forthcoming election. The concept of the NHS was formulated by the Liberal MP William Beveridge and the implementation of the Beveridge report fell to the post- war Labour government.

Some people mistakenly think that the NHS is safe in Labour’s hands. My experience was different. During the previous Labour administration, the government changed the remuneration for dentists.

The intention was to encourage dentists to be more proactive in promoting dental health. But the outcome was that a large number of dentists realised that it was unworkable and stopped providing NHS services. I like many others was forced to pay the much higher private dental charges or search for a new NHS dentist, which were now scarce.

Many across the city will have had similar experiences, and I recently heard that Yorkshire still suffers from a shortage of NHS dentists

Labour are often well meaning but fail to understand the issues or fail to consult properly before making changes. Indeed it was their own health minister Lord Warner who recently admitted that the Labour government had failed to achieve the expected results for the money they had put into the NHS.

So is the NHS safe in Labour’s hands? I think not!

Coun Cliff Woodcraft