Is Sheffield’s new title City on the Edge of Crisis?

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Is Sheffield a master in Crisis Management? What is happening to my beloved city? There are so many good things about this city but there are so many issues that need addressing. Decisions seem to be made without consultation, planning or, in some cases, sense.

Does anyone actually have a big picture for the future of the city or will it continue to lurch on as it seems to now?

I visit Leeds quite frequently, and am always impressed by the buzz that one experiences there. The city centre is lively as well as attractive. There are some lovely and varied shops, and, to add insult to injury, they now have, right in the middle of it all, the fabulous new Trinity Centre, designed, I believe, by the same architect who planned our ill-fated Sevenstones. What happened there? Will we ever get a centre appropriate to one of Britain’s largest cities?

I now read that Don Valley Stadium is to possibly house a new school. Do we need a new school that is not in the middle of a community? A resounding NO, I think.

A fortune is being spent at Bents Green which is where I live: they appear to be narrowing the road with fancy inlets etc. Why? I suspect that there will be even more traffic congestion than at present. And why is the money not spent on surfacing the roads in this area. Are we, in Sheffield 11, to be the last to have decent roads? Do our planners ever go down Common Lane? It’s a disgrace.

And then I come to the parking situation at the station. It seems to get worse every time I go there. I feel sorry for the taxis as well as family members and friends who drop passengers off. Shocking!

When I was a young teacher in Sheffield in the seventies, Sheffield called itself City on the Move. I now believe it should be City on the Edge of Crisis.

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