Is Sheffield a place where you learn then leave?

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In the recent five-year plan for the city centre the council say 99% of businesses in Sheffield are small or medium-sized enterprises with fewer than 250 employees.

This is good news and shows that Sheffield’s economy is built on entrepreneurial ambition.

However, the plan also identifies large office spaces that sit empty, such as the North Bank development.

This is surely because there are limited large employers needing such vast spaces and yet they propose to build more. Who will fill thes?

The council now also propose to build a new University Technical College on the site of Don Valley Stadium in addition to the one being built now in the city centre.

I congratulate them on their foresight.

Obviously, there are a large number of high- skilled businesses queuing up for space in the city and to employ the vast number of highly educated children we will be producing or is Sheffield becoming a place where people learn and leave?

This council needs to keep encouraging small businesses by providing them with quality space, workshops and offices.

While ever we provide strong educational facilities we need the industry and jobs to keep them in the city.

The plan needs support for business and employers being drawn to this city. Sheffield needs a joined-up approach.

Russell Cutts

Fairbank Road, Sheffield