Is punishment by petition or soap box really what we want?

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Ched Evans was convicted by a jury and sentenced by a judge. Some agree with the conviction and some argue that a miscarriage of justice took place however the laws of this country are there for all of us regardless of whether we are victims or perpetrators.

Much of the media, politicians and celebrities seek to impose further punishment on Ched Evans based on their own prejudices that certain crimes or people in certain professions deserve not only punishment by the criminal justice system but punishment by petition and their own personal justice system.

Is punishment by petition or soap box really what we want as a society?

If so which crimes would we include? What jobs should we include? Should we consider risk or is it based on fame and money? What if people disagree?

Does this mean they should be accused of condoning rape, murder, theft, burglary or whatever our petition or soap box is against?

Should they too be punished and lose their jobs or be forced to apologise for expressing the view that the punishment was and should only be set by the judge?

During the two and a half years of Ched Evans imprisonment there were no chants of his name on the terraces. Does that mean that fans didn’t condone rape?

Does the current chanting of his name mean that fans now do condone rape?

Or could it be the only avenue they have to challenge the petitioners and soap box sentencers?

Should someone who believes they are innocent of a crime for which they were convicted and have an appeal pending apologise for the crime?

Would you?

T Turner

by email