Is Pryce true love for Dennis?

Vicky Pryce
Vicky Pryce
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That Dolly Parton song; it must be ringing in her ears.

Former government economist Vicky Pryce has resolved to stand by her latest man, one Dennis MacShane, shamed MP for Rotherham.

Dennis is currently behind bars after being found guilty of fraud and she would seem the perfect choice in girlfriends at such a time. After all, lying is something Vicky knows about; she swapped speeding points with her then husband Chris Huhne and after revealing all as revenge on her ex, got done last year for perverting the course of justice. Plus what MacShane is going through is no quelle surprise to her. She spent two months in prison. What a pair. Not even Dolly could write it, But he ought to resolve never to get on the wrong side of Vicky - at any price.