Is Labour set for big kick up the backside?

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Let me start by rewinding five years when the party held its last leadership contest.

In the interest of widening the debate Labour MPs nominated left-wing candidate Diane Abbott.

As expected she was eliminated in the first round to the delight of the Blairites in the establishment who then thought there was a clear path open for David Miliband to be crowned as their new leader.

It then all went pear- shaped and to their shock and horror his brother Ed Miliband was duly elected.

This time round centre-right Labour MPs have tried the same trick and it appears at this moment in time that their generosity has back-fired big style.

So instead of blaming themselves and accepting the fact that many grass root party members and supporters are calling for change their strategy has been scaremongering, personal attacks, and insults directed at Jeremy Corbyn and his followers.

The Brownites have played their part too, and I beg to ask them both, do they believe in democracy?

While the media, Murdoch press, Tony Blair, Gordon Brown and their followers can’t understand what is going on, the reality is that many people like the cut of Mr Corbyn.

He comes over as “honest and unspun” and thousands are turning up to his rallies wanting to hear more.

Unlike the other three candidates he has refused to sign up to a “failed austerity ideology” and calls for free university tuition, affordable housing, decent pay and pensions, and a return to public ownership of our railways, post, and energy. These values are common across Europe and popular with many of the British public.

I wish Mr Corbyn “good luck” he has every right to put forward his ideas and beliefs to his party and possibly the country come 2020.

Whether he is successful is another issue. Saturday, September 12, we await with interest, could this be the day when Labour gets a big kick up the backside?

John Yale

High Green