Is Clive Betts shirking responsibilities?

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I feel after the recent comments made by the Labour Clive Betts MP in which he questioned the construction of an Ikea on a derelict part of Sheffield, thereby threatening the potential for 700 much-needed jobs, that he should stand down at the next election as he is obviously no longer fit for purpose.

To question the granting of planning permission on the grounds that it may damage the city centre trading potential of a project that is still mostly pie in the sky and cause people to come off the motorway and head in the direction of Sheffield Meadowhall doesn’t make any sense.

An MP has only five responsibilities – to ensure that the population is educated, employed, happy, well fed and warm. Everything after that is extras.

Would he have complained quite so loudly had the project been a giant super-mosque, or would that have been un-PC?