Irritations but a tipping point

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no doubt at great expenses, academics and MPs will discuss reasons for the recent unrest and will conclude that idiots using Facebook and Twitter organised it all.

I could save them time and money. Here are some of the things wrong with our country: fined for putting bins out on the wrong day, student fees, the cuts, fuel prices, house prices, MPs’ expenses, windmill/solar taxes, smoking ban, council snoopers, unemployment, low wages/pay cuts, council tax rises, rent rises, speed cameras, immigration, bankers, no-go areas, no prospects for school leavers, no apprenticeships...

Minor irritations to some, but slowly and surely when the tipping point arrives some will resort to rioting.

Cameron and his sidekick will no doubt make more laws, they might even ban rioting in public places.

Labour blame the Tories and the cuts, nothing to do with their previous government. In the grand scale of things it was down to a few mindless idiots (I mean the rioters, not the Government).

Sam, Sheffield

Theresa May is quite right to suggest that juvenile thugs convicted of rioting and looting must be stripped of their anonymity.

The problem is many, if not all, won’t care if they are ‘named and shamed’, because they have no shame or no respect for themselves or anyone else. They wear convictions like badges of combat and laugh in the face of ASBOs, referral orders and other lily-livered sentences.

Godfrey Bloom, UKIP MEP for Yorkshire and North Lincolnshire

My car taxes

Can anyone explain my car tax as it keeps changing. In 2008 it was £115, in 2009 £120, 2010 £120, 2011 £110 and in 2012 it will be £115. Nobody seems to know why.

Trevor Darley

Go with him

I AM sick and tired of hearing about asylum seekers like Justice Charles. His application was refused by the courts and he must be made to leave. Intervention by the church PC brigade should not be tolerated. If his wife is grieved to see him go she should go with him.

Jacky Mann. Gleadless