Iraq veteran locked in allowance dispute

Iraq war veteran James Squires with his mum Louise.
Iraq war veteran James Squires with his mum Louise.
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An Iraq war veteran has enough to cope with since leaving the Army suffering from post traumatic distress syndrome.

But James Squires was also having to live on just £300 a month because the Department of Work and Pensions was refusing to pay his Employment Support Allowance.

His mother Louise, who is James’ appointee, sent in all the evidence she was requested to give but was told her son couldn’t have the £2,500 in a holding account.

And neither could he have the £77 a week he was entitled to in the future.

Louise, of Shiregreen, said: “James was receiving Job Seekers Allowance but was told to change this to Employment Support Allowance.

“He hasn’t been paid since October.

“I rang them and they said they have £2,500 in a holding account, but without a letter they couldn’t pay October to January’s money.

“I sent them all the details they asked for and they wouldn’t even pay January to May’s money. They just will not sort it out. They are not accepting the evidence.

“He has been treated abysmally. He is living on £300 a month disability allowance and has a mortgage to pay.

“He has fought for his Queen and country and he is just trying to get the money he is entitled to.”


Within several days of The Star contacting the DWP, James received £1,149 into his bank account to cover January to May payments.

Louise said: “Thank you, it’s brilliant. We really appreciate your help.

“They told me that letters would be fine to send it, but now I’ll be sorting out medical certificates for the other periods so James will get all the money he is entitled to.”