Innovation is alive and well

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SHEFFIELD has always shone a torch for innovation and forward thinking. And that light shines as brilliantly today in the medical world where a major breakthrough is about to be made which will revolutionise the relationship between doctors and their patients.

A team of academics have harnessed the power of computers to create virtual models of people which will not only show how their conditions affect their bodies but also how they can be expected to progress.

What is more the software can also predict how the illness can be expected to react and develop when treated by certain medical procedures.

This will take some of the speculative diagnosis out of the relationship and should improve treatments.

It is a great tribute to Sheffield’s long-standing tradition of creative thinking and it is wonderful to acknowledge that this remains as strong a feature of the city’s academic landscape. Long may it continue.

Once it is lost, it’s gone for ever

SHEFFIELD MP Clive Betts is right to call for a change of heart on plans which threaten to see the loss of great areas of countryside across the city to meet house-building targets.

The city is justly proud of its reputation as a green place to live with plenty of space for the population to escape from the pressures of urban life.

And now Mr Betts is urging the city council to target brownfield sites and other areas, known as ‘windfall’ sites which may be allocated for other developments.

Once our green heritage is lost to development, it is gone forever.

Scheme is vital

ROME wasn’t built in a day. But commuters will find it difficult to understand the delay in creating a park and ride facility on the outskirts of Sheffield.

The idea is to create parking for 139 vehicles near Dore and Totley Station but it has now been announced that it will not be ready until a year after the initial opening date.

It will be better late than never, but the powers that be ought to realise that if they are to achieve their goal of encouraging commuters to use public transport they really need to meet them part way.

And that includes projects such as this park and ride which ought to relieve the city’s roads of at least some of the traffic which chokes that area’s roads on a regular basis.