Injured Sheffield cyclist’s plea to drivers

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A cyclist seriously injured in a collision in Sheffield is appealing for motorists to be more careful – after he spent six months with his leg in a frame.

Ben Robinson, of Nether Edge, was cycling along Washington Road, Sharrow, when he was involved in a collision with an Audi.

He was awarded a five figure sum from the driver’s insurance company for pain and suffering, loss of earnings and rehabilitation costs.

Ben was thrown into the air and rolled across the bonnet of the car which hit him – suffering multiple leg fractures, a broken elbow and facial injuries.

He was taken to the Northern General for surgery where doctors inserted four metal pins and a frame onto his right leg.

He also had a plate fitted in his elbow.

Two years on he has spoken of his ordeal as part of National Road Victim Month, being run by charity Roadpeace until August 30.

Ben said: “It really has been the most horrific experience of my life going from being so independent and active to being reliant on my mum and dad and not being able to do the things I loved, such as cycling, camping, playing tennis and rock climbing.

“I just hope my case is a stark reminder to road users about the importance of being alert and safe on the roads so accidents like mine do not happen in future.”

Louise Morgan, of law firm Irwin Mitchell, said: “We have repeatedly called for all road users to take greater care to improve road safety so we also hope Ben’s case is a stark reminder about how important it is for motorists and cyclists to share the roads safely.”