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It’s the perfect marriage of the old and new worlds of business.

A traditional firm, built on the skill and sweat of generations of craftsmen is cutting it once more, thanks to the high tech worldwide web.

Little did Shaun Bloodworth realise when he made his video about the last factory in the city where scissors are still proudly made by hand that he would uncover new markets for Ernest Wright and Son.

It just goes to show that the Made in Sheffield brand is still revered around the globe.

And it demonstrates that in an age of throw away consumerism, Eric Stones scissors that he proudly boasts will last a lifetime are still in demand.

Although it sounds like the massive boost in trade that the Broad Lane firm has experienced since going viral was a happy accident, there are perhaps a few marketing lessons to be learned for our old industries.

The firm is also sending out other positive messages.

It values the experience of men like Eric, working past official retirement, and it is encouraging new apprentices.

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