Incinerate or recycle, that’s burning issue for Greens

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The Green Party are again pushing for us all to send less rubbish to the Bernard Road incinerator and recycle more. Sounds great, but what will we do with the rubbish that we recycle, what rubbish is it that they would have us recycle?

I already send as much plastic as possible to be recycled.

Glass and metal, once finished with always go straight into my blue bin, as does paper and cardboard.

So what else would they have me recycle? I could of course compost all vegetable trimmings, scraps of left-over food and garden waste. I could keep all that waste in my garden allowing it to rot down releasing greenhouse gases into the atmosphere and not really helping anyone whatsoever.

In reality, even as a household of five people, we still do not fill up the black bin between the two-weekly collection and I am more than happy that whatever rubbish we do make is sent to be burned for heat and electricity.

If we do not burn our rubbish for power production what energy source will we use? Yes, solar and wind can play a role but they are not available on demand, they cannot on their own be relied on to give power when and where we need it.

Surely the Green Party do not want us to burn more gas, coal and oil? So maybe the Green Party would want us to burn more biofuels such as cheap wood-chippings which are exported from the USA because the Americans would rather use gas and oil from fracking.

Just maybe the Green Party would rather our farmers grew increasingly more food stuffs simply to burn as biofuels. But shouldn’t our farmers be growing food stuff to eat, not waste?

The growing of crops to burn is already sending food prices up and up. It is both daft and immoral that we should burn food while people go hungry.

Mark Jones