Improvements needed to halt rat infestation

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Waking up to rat droppings on the tops of your kitchen units would not be a pleasant experience for anyone.

Kerry Ruddiforth and her partner Martin Rawson had been having problems with rats for two months when they contacted Action Desk.

Each morning, they would open the door to find their home in Burngreave, Sheffield, had been infested by rodents.

Environmental health officers from Sheffield Council visited the flat and put poison down, but were not preventing the rats from getting into the flat.

Martin said: “They are everywhere. They are coming in and running along the kitchen sides and leaving lots of droppings behind. You can hear them at night.

“I told the council where the rats were getting in. They are coming in behind the electricity box and you can clearly see that is how they are getting into the flat.

“All the council has done is put poison down.”


Sheffield Council has arranged for work to be done to stop the rats getting into the flat.

Coun Jack Scott, council cabinet member for environment, recycling and Streetscene, said: “Our environmental services officers have visited Miss Ruddiforth’s flat at Nottingham Cliff to investigate their complaint and to identify the possible source of any rodent infestation.

“Baits were set in the flat and a report given to the housing office, who in turn are organising for work to be carried out to help prevent access by rodents.

“It is clear there are some improvements urgently needed and we have asked for these to be checked out as soon as possible.”