If there’s such a demand, just build a new school

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The council is hoping to force through the acceptance of expanding primary schools in at least five areas, including Greystones Primary.

It’s a great school but already crowded, my children are in two of the new 90+ pupil years and I feel they’ve suffered as a consequence, including lack of safety in a congested playground and being in a school that just wasn’t built to take these numbers.

They propose new buildings (there are already some pre-fab type extra classrooms) but where, on an already overcrowded playing area?

Or are they planning to tear down yet another beautiful old but neglected building in favour of the ubiquitous concrete/glass box?

I know of three families that have rented 2nd homes in the area just to get their children into Greystones - in effect killing the golden goose - and that’s just on my street! If there’s such demand, build another school instead of drowning this one.

There’s already a safety and congestion issue in an already busy residential area, partly due to parents insisting on driving kids to school - too many cars being parked on the roads - and pavements - around the school (I think some would park inside the school if they could) - There’s no resources to police this situation, so it’s only going to get worse, more kids, more cars.

The council are having an alleged “consultation period” but it’ll come down to money, as usual, it’s (financially) cheaper to cram kids in existing schools than build new ones. That doesn’t make it the best solution though, with the cost being taken from safety and quality of life.

Mr Ed. Brentwood

Greystones Grange Rd