If it ain’t broke, then don’t fix it

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I READ an appeal for entrants for the Cancer Research Race for Life, due to a significant reduction in entries this year compared with previous.

The reason for the reduction must surely be the decision to switch the venue away from Don Valley stadium.

My daughter has run the race for the last three years but did consider not doing so this year due to the city centre location.

Previously my wife, myself, son in law and grandchildren have supported her at Don Valley and, like so many other families, thoroughly enjoyed the carnival atmosphere.

It is hard to imagine the new location will match this, with no seating, no toilet facilities, inadequate parking and no doubt a more limited view of the runners.

The organisers of this year’s event should hold up their hands and admit to an error of judgement in switching the event which will sadly be to the financial detriment of Cancer Research UK.

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!

B Mandley, Orgreave Lane S13

Who will pay our power bill?

We on Hucklow Rd from 116, 104 to 68 are troubled with trees which are to the back and front of our flats.

These are wide-spread, cutting out light from bedroom and living room. This means we have to have the lights on all day.

We have contacted the council but they say it is not detrimental to us.

Will they pay our increasing electricity bill? Hoping for some help somewhere.

DM, Hucklow Rd, Firth Park

Broken promise

Labour leader Julie Dore began her run as Leader of the Council by declaring an end to broken promises. What a disappointment then to see she’s already gone back on her pledge to restore the opening hours of Graves Art Gallery. Instead of returning it to the previous opening hours, they’ve just added in a couple of extra hours. No more broken promises? That lasted long!

Patrick Jenkins, S10