If it ain’t broke don’t fix it

city centre buses
city centre buses
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Come on then who is going to own up to messing about with the bus timetables and routes? On the routes I use someone in their wisdom decided to change the 44 to the 8/8A, the 42 changes to the 41, but this now stops at the Hog’s Head instead of going on to Crystal Peaks a distance of half mile.

The 120 supposedly hasnot been affected, but people say they have had to wait for nearly an hour for a bus while numerous buses have passed with, “Not in Service” on.

While I was waiting for a bus to collect my granddaughter from school I got talking to another parent who should have been at school at 3.10pm, but because of the willynilly way the 120’s run, (it was 3.30pm before he got to school.

In fact I had been waiting 20 minutess for one and three came together. By the sounds of it the problem is citywide

There’s some reason in the old proverbs. If it’ aint broke, don’t mend it and leave well enough alone.


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