Icy day we nearly died on hard shoulder

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Three or four years ago my wife and I narrowly escaped being killed on the M1 in the Midlands where the hard shoulder had been opened to traffic.

It was a winter morning with freezing fog, and cars’ windscreens were icing up, limiting visibility. I could see enough to go forward slowly, and moved across on to the former hard shoulder. Suddenly, I saw a stationary car in front, and pulled up just in time. The driver had got out to clear his windscreen. A few moments later, I saw in the mirror a large lorry. I realised that if he couldn’t stop in time, our car would be crushed. I have never been so scared. He braked hard, and pulled up a few yards behind me.

We share the Chief Constable’s and Meg Munn’s concerns about the plan to open up the hard shoulder between junctions 32 and 35A.

Mr Goodwill, they are not “peddling nonsense”, a hard shoulder is needed.

Derek Bayliss