‘I would be delighted to take up Stuart Green’s challenge’

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As Mike Moss is unavailable I would be delighted to take up Stuart Green’s challenge but ought to clear up one or two things first.

We are not opposed to Doncaster Airport and wish it a successful future although this does not seem to be happening, if he would take the trouble to read the official statistics.

The length of the runway at Sheffield City Airport is irrelevant and an old chestnut of a factor which its many detractors always bring up. It was not designed to take Jumbo jets but smaller planes and executive jets. Aeronautical advances in the last 10 years now mean that 100+ seaters could land at Sheffield which is perfect for the business, city-break and airport hub traveller i.e.Schipol and then on to the rest of the world. Doncaster and Sheffield airports could and should work side by side as they cater for totally different markets and could complement each other.

I’m sorry Stuart’s Ferrari is not available, we’ll have to make do with the Maserati. We’ll need an impartial thirrd party as a witness to make sure that Stuart doesn’t break the speed limit and thus lose the bet. If we add on an estimated 10 minutes to allow for the proposed FARRRS relief road, this should mean a journey time of 35 minutes as per Stuart’s calculations. How about meeting at Sheffield Town Hall at 3pm instead of 3 am and take it from there.

To make it more interesting, how about whoever loses pays £100 to the favourite charity of the winner.

Better still, the loser pays for a quarter-page advert in The Star. If I lose, I will extol the virtues of Doncaster Airport and urge everyone to fly from there. If Stuart loses, his will demand a Public Inquiry into the real reasons Sheffield City Airport was made to fail and sold off for £1. The Sheffield public needs to know the full story.

This may upset his pals at Peel Holdings, but they’ll get over it. Polish that peak on your chauffeur’s cap Stuart, and bring it on!!

Howard Greaves