I won’t vote Labour after libraries decision

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Having read a letter in The Star, regarding library closures, imagine how sorry I was, to witness a group of workmen removing the fittings from the inside of Chapeltown Library the next day.

Already the vandalism of this excellent building has started. Some of the windows have had eggs thrown at them by the local yobs. Within no time at all, this once-splendid building will be seen in a sorry, sad state.

I now live in Ecclesfield and it is only a matter of time before the same fate befalls Ecclesfield Library.

The real act of vandalism I feel has been carried out by Sheffield’s own Labour Party, by allowing these closures to take place in the first place. Political point making to central government on their part, I feel.

In years to come, I wonder how much it is going to cost to reopen or replace these fine buildings.

I once was solid Labour supporter, being brought up on Shire green, but I will never vote Labour again. I am sure I am not alone in coming to this conclusion.

Paul Thompson