I won't be going back

I WANT to let people know about the appalling parking procedures at the Centertainment centre at Broughton Lane in Sheffield.

On Saturday, January 15, I arrived at the Centertainment in order to enjoy an evening at the cinema.

Having driven around looking for a parking bay I parked behind the bowling alley on a side road in a place I believed it was permissible to park. There were no double yellow lines or traffic cones to indicate that parking was restricted in the area. I was parked on the road without impeding the flow of traffic and did not restrict any other vehicle's right to exit.

Therefore I was surprised and angry to find I had received a parking ticket and a fine for 80 when I returned to my car, as had several other cars parked along the same stretch of road.

The ticket suggested there were a number of warning signs declaring the intent to take action. When I located the nearest sign it was some 30ft away, facing away from where I was parked, approximately 15ft up a pole and unlit. I found that it was too high and too dark for me to read the terms and conditions of the parking restrictions.

When I arrived at the Centretainment complex, and on previous occasions I have visited, I have witnessed people walking from the complex to the Arena, having parked free of charge. I always considered it strange that the owners of the complex have done nothing to address this issue apart from a solitary sign at the entrance.

I now realise that this issue is not addressed so the owners of the complex can obtain a revenue stream from fining legitimate users of the parking facilities. I take some consolation from preventing other users of the complex from parking in the same area that evening and thus preventing their evening being ruined as mine was.

I will in future use the VUE cinema at Meadowhall where parking is clearly signed and advise others to do the same until the owners of the Centretainment complex take a responsible attitude to controlling parking issues rather than exploiting visitors in such an appalling manner.

Sally Grehan

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