I welcome cinema being used for climbing wall

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Just to briefly round off and finish my current spat with Paul Kenny which has now become boring. So RIPJessop.

I can’t quite work out why he needed to bring class into the equation, but I will gladly send him my working-class credentials if his snide “middle-class” jibe was directed at me. Perhaps it will help him with his chip.

Regarding his unfunny and unnecessary jibe about the Abbeydale Cinema.

I met the new owner on site soon after he bought the cinema and expressed my delight that at last someone was going to save this iconic Grade II listed building.

I congratulated him on his vision and very much welcome its new incarnation as a climbing wall.

This vision is in direct contrast to the supposed cream of Britain’s engineering academia at the University, who say they are incapable of adapting their important heritage asset for another use.

However, my personal connection with the Abbeydale Cinema is unfortunately not yet over. Maybe Mr Kenny is unaware that the “Friends” (the previous owners) left me with a £65,000 debt, a fine way of saying ‘thank-you’ to me for standing as a guarantor to enable them to buy the building in the first place.

This is on top of the £10,000 which I had already pumped into the project to keep it going.

I shall be paying this debt off to the bank for the next 10 years of my life. Quite an expensive hobby for a “hobbyist”.

Howard Greaves