I was a Glooper

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I too was a Glooper and I wore my badge with pride.

What wonderful memories I have of the many activities organised with Aunt Edith and being an only child I realise now it gave me the opportunity to broaden my outlook as I then mixed with children from all over the city.

Before that I was only taken into Sheffield at Christmas to the Fairy Grotto and the pantomime, a rare treat from a favourite aunt.

I thank the Star for opening up my horizons at an early age.

Does anyone remember going to The Doll Show at the Cutlers’ Hall?

All those wonderful dolls on display and at the end one was able to choose a doll to bring home.

Mine was Red Riding Hood, which I treasured for years.

Joan Plant (nee Moody, 84)

Crossland Drive, Gleadless, S12