I’ve no doubt the buck will stop with the taxpayer

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With the exception of two weeks at the beginning of this year when we had complete blackout, the street lights in Fairbarn Road have been burning day and night for at least fifteen months.

I first reported this to the Council’s street lighting department in March last year and they said they would deal with it.

Nothing happened so I sent an email to one of our local councillors, but she didn’t take the trouble to reply.

In October I contacted Amey via their streetsahead scheme, complaining not only about the lighting, but about the dangerous pavements due to overgrown weeds and pot holes in the road. The very next day they cleared the pavements and attended to one or two potholes.

I was very impressed with their quick action in this respect, but the lighting problem is still ongoing.

They replied to my email on October 25 saying (and I quote) This section of lights are on in the day as we need them all lit to enable the connection of the new columns to take place. Unfortunately we do not have a completion date at the present time, however we aim to complete the works as soon as operationally possible.

We can confirm that there is no extra charge to the residents of Sheffield due to the lights being lit during the day. (end of quote). They go on to say that any improvement works are due to be carried out as part of the Streets Ahead programme in 2015.

Does this mean that the lights will be burning 24/7 until some time next year?

And who is footing the bill for all the electricity that is being burned unnecessarily?

What a complete waste of energy. There is no doubt that in the end, the buck will stop with the taxpayer.

Marjorie Neal

Fairbarn Road, Sheffield, S6 5PP