I’ve never ever seen such anger

city centre buses
city centre buses
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I have never ever seen the people of Sheffield so angry about anything ever before.

Try catching a bus at Norton Lees, the 18 or 20, it’s just hopeless.

I’ve seen people trying to get to work, and trying to get home after a full day’s work, waiting more than a hour for a bus.

When it comes, or if it comes, it’s packed full.

People are running to other bus stops to try to get as near to home as possible.

An old friend of mine in his 80s, bad on his legs, waited an hour and a half for an 18 to get get home from his doctors. He ended up sharing a taxi with another lady who was waiting.

If anything happened to anyone under these circumstances I hope they would hold whoever made these changes fully responsible, you are a disgrace.

I just wonder when was the last time you used a bus?

I wish we could all boycott them.

People will never ever get used to this.

Mary Povey

Norton Lees