I’ve got pride in my city

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I moved into Sheffield from a small Cambridgeshire town in 1984 and have lived at three addresses.

Within days of arriving I felt I had come home. I was welcomed into a very mixed community, my neighbours were friendly and helpful and I was proud to say I lived in Sheffield. This support and friendliness has been there each time I have moved house.

Every time there was an election I put my political placards in my garden and my house and, like me they were treated with respect though we may have disagreed about the policies.

This year has been different. On one occasion the placard was broken down and thrown aside. I fetched it home, repaired it and put it back up. It has been ripped down again.

As someone who likes to think kindly of all people, I find it difficult to imagine the hatred in the person who did this.

The only thing different about this election is the rise of UKIP and other far right groupings.

I would still like to be proud of my mixed community city, but actions like this can soon destroy what it has taken years to build.

Ann Munsey

by email