I’ve enjoyed a cup of tea at your expense

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What is your point in this headline on Sheffield City Council’s hospitality bills in The Star of Monday, May 11, Sheffield Star.

I have been invited to Sheffield Town Hall as a volunteer, and enjoyed a sandwich and a cup of coffee and cake, as also has Jessica Ennis.

Are you trying to say this is a waste of money?

I wish you would concentrate on real monies being wasted in the House of Lords, ratepayers’ cash being thrown away on 779 members in the House of Lords, including a Tory leader on big salary.

The others get £350 a day expenses for signing in, and then free lunch and drinks and some go straight home still drawing the £350.

Then some of the poor old souls fall asleep for the afternoon.

What is the point of the House of Lords? It is like watching Charles Dickens.

Brian Gannon

Wordsworth Avenue, Sheffield, S5