I tried to save my baby - dad

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An 11-month-old boy ‘somersaulted’ over after being floored by a family dog the day before his death, a court heard.

Michael Beaumont, aged 28, said he was playing on his mobile phone at home in Barnsley when his son Kadan was knocked over and hit his head.

A day later Kadan was rushed to hospital where he later died.

Beaumont, who denies Kadan’s murder, said he did not seek medical assistance after his son’s fall because he ‘seemed his normal self’.

A jury at Sheffield Crown Court heard he texted a photo of the injured tot to his mum Helen Barnes while she was at work.

Beaumont, of Pitsmoor, Sheffield, said: “I was on a game on my phone and Kadan was in the garden.

“Kadan was facing towards me. The dog Mia came from behind.

“He fell and hit his head. It happened so fast, I can only describe it as a sort of somersault.”

Beaumont said he continued to check on the youngster throughout the night.

He said: “Me and Helen said that if he started to deteriorate then we’d get him medical attention, but to me he seemed perfectly fine.”

The following morning Kadan began vomiting violently, then collapsed.

Beaumont called an ambulance and tried to carry out mouth-to-mouth.

He said: “His mouth was tight shut so I had to use a bit of force to try and open it.

“Before I put him on the floor I gave him a little shake to see if I could get a response but there was nothing. I panicked.”

A post-mortem examination carried out on Kadan revealed a catalogue of 34 external injuries and skull fractures.

Barnes, aged 27, a teaching assistant at Whiteways Primary School in Sheffield, is also on trial for cruelty to a child by neglecting to seek medical assistance.

She denies the charge.

Beaumont said: “I would not do anything to harm him.

“He was my son and I loved him.”

The trial continues.