I-Ron-ic view on regeneration?

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It’s always a delight to read something by Ron Clayton, whether it be a contribution to the Letters page or a feature such as Last Orders. As well as being informative, he always manages to raise a smile.

It’s obvious that the great man had his tongue deep into his cheek when he wrote his Retro piece on the Red House. Praising the council for its ‘inspired’ planning in the St Vincent’s area must be Ron being ironic (pardon the pun).

He can’t possibly believe that allowing developers to build unlimited apartment blocks has anything to do with regeneration. Has he seen the condition of the eponymous St Vincent’s School or taken a stroll down Scotland Street at night recently?

What was once a bustling area of Sheffield has become a soulless, draughty canyon inhabited by prostitutes and their hangers-on. I feel ashamed when I think of the impression of my city this must create in the minds of the students, many of Far Eastern origin, now living in the Meadow Street/Edward Street area.

Paul Kenny, Netherthorpe Wk, S3

The poor suffer

At the moment, indirect taxes like VAT mean that the poorest pay a greater proportion of their income in tax than the wealthiest. And yet the 1% of the population who earn enough to pay the 50p tax rate are asking for it to be cut.

When the poorest are suffering the worst effects of the cuts in public spending, it is morally indefensible for the wealthiest 1% to complain about paying their fair share.

I would like to hear how our MPs propose to ensure we have a fair tax system, which ensures that we really are ‘in this together’.

Dawn Helliwell, Greaves Lane,S6

Makes me cross

It seems Sheffield councillors either have a load of surplus money or they’ve lost the plot. They’ve built two pedestrian crossings at the Malin Bridge end of Rivelin Valley Road. One at the bottom where hardly anybody ever crosses and one about a quarter of a mile further up where nobody ever crosses. Meanwhile they have done nothing about the road which resembles a ploughed field. Who are these incompetents who can’t get their priorities right?

Bill Machin,Fulton Rd S6