I ride on the pavement for my safety

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Re cyclists on trams, trains and pathways (November 13) , Mrs J Munton.

I do all these things. I use trains and trams to get out of the danger of the town where there are motorists doing twice the speed limit on drink and drugs, into the peaceful countryside.

I was knocked off my bike four times in two years, once by a taxi driver who was drunk, so now I cycle on pavements when I see a dangerous road.

We should become like the rest of Europe and imprison drunk drivers.

We should have special cycle tracks so that cyclists don’t have to cycle on footpaths.

Some folk are fat, lazy and will not exercise. Ban all cars and make folk use their feet or bikes.

Their cars have become their wheelchairs.

These unfit folk are costing the NHS billions.

Lindsay Henley

Lower Bradway