I request that you listen to bus users

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I know, through reading the Star, you have been inundated with letters over the forthcoming changes to our bus services, and how people who rely on them are worried.

Some years ago, I had the honour of being our small estate’s TARA secretary, and I have often written to the Star, and some were graced with being printed.

I write now on behalf of all the disabled and elderly persons who still reside in our estate, and are still reliant on the bus services.

Our TARA was instrumental in gaining a bus service and stops and shelters for our less fortunate residents.

And yes, I know that our road can be a pain in the backside at times for the bus drivers, this being mainly due to the parking traffic from the Northern General Hospital and the Blood Bank, as well as several large lorries and vans that park on the road side.

But you only have to look at the age group on our estate to realise that the majority rely on our bus service.

I can understand the changes to the 20 and 20a route, sending them up and down Longley Lane. What the transport managers seem not to realise is that, not many of our residents can walk that far to catch it!

I know the new proposed bus route goes to town, and so a lot may use that one, but also one of the mainstays of our estate is the P1 and P2, the small bus run by South Yorkshire Transport.

This bus is a lifesaver to our elderly and disabled, as it serves Firth Park, where doctors, dentist, the clinic, library and shops are.

It also goes to and through the Northern General Hospital and links to other buses to the Hallamshire Hospital, as well to our local post office and supermarkets and other doctors on Herries Road.

This also serves Asda and is a way of getting to Hillsborough, so I would think long and hard before taking this vital service off our estate.

I know our local shop is helping to get a petition up, to help our less fortunate, and I wish them all success.

I would only request that the powers that be listen to the bus users, and the less fortunate in life, who in these times already find it a struggle to live and get around.

Bob Swain (disabled person)

Longley Hall Road, Sheffield, S5